How we do it:

What’s our secret to keeping our customers happy? There isn’t a secret! We work hard, we use the industry’s best materials (so good it carries a lifetime guarantee) and we don’t cut any corners in our construction process.

Whether you have an area that is desperate for repair or are starting new, we can get to the bottom of your problems. This is how:

  • First we excavate between 10 to 14 inches of existing soil.
  • Then we install geo-textile fabric to prevent grass and weeds growing from below.
  • We then layer 6 to 10 inches of processed gravel in the project area.
  • Another layer, this time it’s 1 inch of washed concrete/brick sand (not stone dust).
  • Now it’s ready for the pavers, laid in one at a time by hand.
  • For the “framing” we cement into place the border stones making for the strongest fit.
  • Lastly, we sweep in sand between the pavers to complete the interlocking process.
illustration of the layers involved in an installation