About the materials we use:

Pavers are the wisest investment you could possibly make. Here’s why…

  • They literally last forever. They will not break down over the harsh New England winters, as so many other materials will do.
  • You can find a wide array of colors and many patterns to coordinate with your homes style.
  • There’s a lifetime guarantee against cracking and breaking.
  • The pavers have beveled edges to prevent chipping and scratching of the surface.
  • You can even combine colors and create a custom overall shading that further compliments your home.
  • The value you add to your home by using these pavers is substantial, and the curb appeal can not be beat.

Curbs Inc. is proud to use pavers by Unilock, one of the finest names in the industry.

Below are samples of our most popular paver styles (there are many more styles and colors, so be sure to ask your Curbs consultant to see other examples). Click one of the swatches to see additional information about that style.

Brussels Block