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Lawn Maintenance

We are a premiere Massachusetts commercial and residential landscape maintenance company, creating a custom plan for your commercial and residential properties as a roadmap, covering every aspect of your landscaping maintenance. It should take into account your individual needs and expectations.

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Pool Deck

If you are installing a pool or renovating a pool area, Curbs Paving knows you will be looking for a surface covering that not only looks and feels great, but is also salt-resistant, slip-resistant and durable. You will have several options when it comes to paving around a pool and our professionals in the field will be there to offer expert advice every step along the way. Concrete pavers come in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes, permitting you to create design schemes that complement your pool’s shape and style.


Concrete pavers are one of your best choices for a new or replacement driveway if your goals are design versatility, durability and easy maintenance. In addition to being incredibly attractive, the pavers are manufactured to high standards, creating a strong product that can actually create a stronger driveway than poured concrete.

Concrete pavers are available in a variety of shapes, styles, patterns and colors, giving the homeowner plenty of choices to create a unique driveway that complements their house and landscape. Unlike poured concrete and asphalt driveways, concrete paver driveways do not require a curing period. Once installed, they are ready to use.

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Paving Stone

Experience the enduring value and long-lasting beauty of interlocking paving stones and allow System Pavers to redefine your idea of outdoor living. Each driveway, walkway, patio, and pool deck design is uniquely customized to fit the personal style and preferences of the homeowner.

Whether it’s Mediterranean, Spanish, Contemporary, or Traditional style that inspires you, select from System Pavers’ endless array of colors, patterns, and concepts to find your ideal transformation. Our pavers are fully customizable and beautiful to look at, as well as extremely durable and guaranteed to be a fantastic long-term investment for your family.

Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is used for many reasons; it can be used to build a garden wall that’s decorative or it can be used to save soil shifting from down slop movement. We have been building retaining walls since our company started and we can give you a range of designs for the wall that you will be really pleased with.

We have a team of designers that work to effectively come up with the look you want for your retaining wall. Should that be more of a traditional look or a more modern look we can really make sure the look of the wall works with the setting of your home and garden.

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Outdoor Kitchens

We can help you design your outdoor kitchen and we build it for you. Things to consider are what kind of kitchen do you want? And what we mean by this is will you be cooking for large groups of people or smaller groups.

This will determine the size of the grill you get. The size of the kitchen will determine how much space you have in your outdoor space. We will try and fit everything you want into your outdoor kitchen space.


We have been providing reliable, consistent, first-quality hydroseeding and related services to customers in Massachusetts. We've tackled every conceivable variety of problem.

We've sealed steep, inaccessible slopes against erosion; produced lush wildflower growth on nutrient-deficient terrain; seeded vast public parks and overseeded soggy golf course fairways without putting a tire mark on them.

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Snow Removal

We offer various levels of snow removal services, to compensate for the degree of snow we get, here in the Massachusetts area. One of the services that we offer is snow plowing which is the best approach to take when it comes to large amounts of snow fall.

It is a good idea to leave this to professionals in order to let them determine what the best course of action to take really is, based on your individual situation.

Outdoor Fire Place

There’s nothing better than the warm glow of a fire to enjoy in your backyard—a multi-purpose and aesthetically appealing way to extend the use of your landscape.

A custom outdoor fireplace can allow you to enhance the design of your property, creating a cozy atmosphere for entertaining guests and family even on those chilly nights.

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Outdoor Oasis

Love the look of your yard, but want a simple makeover? Or maybe you need to tear everything out and start over? Either way, we can help. We can help and Create an outdoor oasis. We offer customized design services for residential and commercial customers.

Fire Pit

A fire pit can extend the enjoyment of your backyard for you and your guests and turn those evenings with friends & family into memories that last a lifetime. They provide warmth and ambiance, making them a natural gathering spot for socializing and relaxing.

A fire pit can also serve as an important feature in your outdoor landscape design but sometimes with a lot of choice out there it’s difficult to come up with the right garden fire pit ideas to suit your setting. Let a professional like us help create the perfect fire pit.

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New Sod Care

When it comes to your home or business, you really only get one chance to make a good first impression. And nothing adds to a property's curb appeal like a beautifully landscaped lawn.

Whether you're looking to improve your lawn or replace weed-infested grass, sod is a solid investment for residential and commercial property owners across the state. And at The Curbs Paving, we provide sod lawn services to clients looking to enhance their outdoor spaces.


One of the most reliable and sought after ground covering materials for residential and commercial landscaping projects is Mulch.

Whether you’re looking for garden mulch, landscaping mulch, driveway mulch, walkway mulch, or any other landscape project that calls for high quality mulch, Curbs Paving has everything you’re looking for, and so much more! If you’ve never experienced the Curbs Paving difference, please contact us.

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Pruning Plants

The truth is, most plants benefit from some type of pruning and maintenance. While you are likely pruning to improve the appearance or the health of the plant, it is important you prune at the appropriate time using the right practices.

Understanding how plants grow will help you prune your plants correctly. While it can certainly be time consuming, the benefits of proper pruning are plenty.


Proper edging and trimming is the perfect transition from a beautifully maintained lawn and other surfaces around the house such as mulch, brick, and stone.

Defining the borders between driveway and sidewalk also give your landscape a professional manicured look. Edging and Trimming are the perfect complement to a beautifully maintained lawn.

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Other Services

  • Front Entrance Steps
  • Sidewalks
  • Plants and Curbing
  • Natural, Granite & Blue Stone
  • Hardscaping